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Recharge fees are curbing EV demand, says Rolec

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“Extortionate” fees to access public charging networks are damaging uptake for electric vehicles in the UK, Rolec EV has warned, adding that drivers should only have to pay for the energy used.

A row of Rolec EV Charging Points

Rolec EV claims subscription fees are affecting demand for electric vehicles

Managing director, Keiron Alsop, said he had spent years campaigning for EV drivers not to pay membership, subscription or connection fees, any more than someone in a petrol or diesel car would have to pay additional costs to a fuel supplier.

“I have sat in front of government officials, and even ministers, trying to bring to their attention the business model that the majority of charge point network operators are adopting in being paid artificially high rates to have their charge points installed,” he said.

“Once this is done they then exploit the EV driver into paying annual, monthly, and by-the-charge connection fees before even paying for the charge itself. Unfortunately the powers that be spend a lot of time mumbling and nodding in my, and other concerned parties’, general direction about this subject but do not seem to have the foresight or appetite to take the challenge on.”

Rolec EV has more than 55,000 charging points in the UK, and recently added retailer Next to its EV Charge Online network, which enables drivers to use mobile phones to access the points, without needing a membership card. The company said this also means hosts can set their own tariffs and monitor usage, and the system can be retrofitted to existing points.

“The EV driver can simply cancel that membership and Direct Debit, and at last only pay using their mobile phone for the charge advertised on the charging point – which is just as it should be,” Alsop added.

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