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Hebridian Whisky Distiller Rates Nissan LEAF

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Owner Mark Reynier uses the car to take his son to school and commute to work each day, a distance of eight miles, and as such claimed it only requires one charge per week using electricity generated at the distillery.

It follows the installation of a Biowayste system earlier in the year. This uses the biogas generated by waste products in the distilling process to generate biogas, which can be burnt in a motor and used to drive a generator. Reynier said this produces enough electricity to make the distillery self-sufficient, including charging the LEAF.

‘It was frustrating to be making such strides in being self-sufficient, when my car still needed the most expensive diesel in the UK from the mainland. The arrival of the LEAF has allowed me to be as truly self-sufficient as possible,’ he commented.

The distillery, one of eight on the island, was the first company on Islay to power its machinery by electricity, and still uses the same distilling machines today. Draff, the spent barley used in the production process, is used to feed the cows, and their slurry is reused to help grow fresh barley.

‘We are not eco-warriors but we wanted to see how we could do our part. Most schemes along these lines are hare-brained and have little commercial merit, but this one does. Though the technology has existed since 1860, only now is it economically viable on this small scale,' Reynier added.

‘With the addition of the LEAF, we’re happy in the knowledge that we’re doing everything we can, whether growing barley here on the island, organically and biodynamically, to be environmentally sympathetic both in our work and home life.’

To celebrate the arrival of the Nissan LEAF, Bruichladdich is producing a limited-edition LEAF-branded organic whisky.

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