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Ecovelocity Highlights Savings For London Fleets

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With the average new vehicle entering the market emitting 140g/km CO2, according to the Transport and Environment Association, Central London businesses would expect to pay £2,450 per vehicle a year if their fleet fell within this bracket.

Many manufacturers are now building innovative, low carbon emitting models that are subsequently tax and congestion charge free.

EcoVelocity is the UK’s first eco-friendly motor show and will be showcasing the latest in low carbon innovation, as well as green vehicles currently available to fleet managers when it opens for the first time at Battersea Power Station on September 8-11.

With electric, hybrid and low CO2 cars becoming more accessible to the fleet sector, EcoVelocity Event director, Giles Brown, says that fleet managers are missing a trick if they don’t look at low carbon alternatives to the cars that traditionally fit the “‘Mondeo Man” stereotype.

Reductions in fuel costs, insurance, congestion charge and even parking costs in some London boroughs can all add to reduced overheads.

Mr Brown said: ‘Fleet managers need to realise the potential of investing in sub 100g/km vehicles. Not only are they making significant savings but, also, a company’s fleet is a visual extension of the organisation’s ethos and therefore a clear indicator of whether they are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint or not.

‘If a Central London business with a fleet of ten vehicles invested in a greener fleet, the savings would be almost £25,000 on average – a significant amount for a company of any size.’

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