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Electric Vans Could Save £700 Per Vehicle, Per Year, says Cenex report

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Carried out in partnership with The Climate Group and Energy Saving Trust with the support of TFL and TNT’s ‘Planet Me’ division, the EV20 Plugged-In Fleets Report used Cenex’s Fleet Carbon Reduction tool to analyse ownership costs and the environmental impact of electric cars and vans in different operational scenarios.

The report highlights ‘sweet spots’ for vehicles’ commercial advantage, futureproofing and steps needed to assess the business case for EVs company by company. In some cases, this added up to savings of 7p per mile, with businesses in Central London also benefiting from 100% Congestion Charge discounts. Cenex also said the vehicles offered smooth, quiet driving and reduced smog compared to diesel vans.

Robert Evans, chief executive officer of Cenex, commented: ‘With the new and emerging generation of electric vehicles, fleet decision makers have an alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles that can suit a wide range of applications. 

‘However, given their range and recharging requirements, for economic and operational integration of EVs drive cycle based whole life cost modelling is essential.  This allows sweet spots of economic operation to be accurately identified. Our Fleet Carbon Reduction Tool can help fleet managers identify where introducing EVs makes operational and financial sense. Our Fleet Carbon Reduction Tool can help fleet managers identify where introducing EVs makes operational and financial sense.'

Robin Haycock, head of transport at the Climate Group, added: 'More than half of all new cars and vans in the UK are bought by fleets and the report clearly highlights that savings are possible. Every situation is different, but our analysis has been able to identify areas where cost savings can be made. Outside London we have found sweet spots where an EV can save 7p per mile compared to  a conventional vehicle and an electric van in central London will benefit from 100% Congestion Charge discount.'

Nigel Underdown, head of transport advice at the Energy Saving Trust said: 'In today’s tough economy fleets need to have confidence that operationally and financially EVs add up. Our work shows that for certain operations the business case for EVs is very strong indeed.'

The Climate Group’s joint research into EVs is an aspect of its Clean Revolution campaign; a swift and massive scaling-up of clean energy technologies, infrastructure, design and behaviour to improve efficiency.

The commercial value and viability of Electric Vehicles as part of a business fleet will be discussed further by both Robin Haycock and Nigel Underdown at the upcoming EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show. Please click HERE if you would like to register for the event, taking place at the Silverstone Wing on Wednesday April 18 2012.

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