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Mitsubishi aims to double Outlander PHEV electric range

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Mitsubishi is targeting a 100km (62-mile) electric range for the next Outlander PHEV, which could also share its plug-in hybrid drivetrain with the Nissan X-Trail and Renault Koleos SUVs.

Mitsubishi is planning to double the Outlander PHEV’s electric-only range while expanding its PHEV expertise across the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance

The carmaker is to lead development of plug-in hybrid technology for use across the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance – it is currently the only one of the three brands to offer it. Vincent Cobee, corporate vice president of product strategy, said the company is also working towards a longer electric range as battery technology improves and costs come down.

“An Outlander PHEV has a range of around 50km (31 miles) on full electric mode; we will extend this. The aim we have is 80-100km (50-62 miles), as we believe it covers 90-95% of trips – it enables you to have a full EV life with the exception of the long-haul driving you have maybe five or 10 times per year. If you go much beyond that [range] then the cost equation becomes unfavourable.”

As part of the Alliance, Mitsubishi also has access to battery-electric technology from Renault and Nissan and the Outlander will be the first product to move onto a platform shared across the three brands. This would enable its alliance partners to offer plug-in hybrid versions of their equivalent SUVs, and there are plans to utilise that experience within its own line-up too, Cobee said.

“We have a strong hold on that technology and, if you look at regulatory environments and projects five to 10 years down the road, there will have to be electrification across the vast majority of countries and segments,” he explained. “The long-term answer is yes, we can use this knowhow we have with Outlander PHEV and expand it upwards and downwards or sideways to a broader range of cars.”

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