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Engineius cuts emissions from electric vehicle movements for fleets

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Vehicle movement specialist Engineius is cutting CO2 for fleets by challenging the traditional vehicle movement practices in the fleet sector.

Engineius says its standard practices of using chaser vehicles, driving EVs for delivery and adopting an entirely digital process are all contributing to making vehicle movement greener

The business, founded in 2018 and now looking to grow awareness of its work, says that although the vehicle movement sector is well established in the UK – some 20 million movements take place each year – the sector is still considered to be a late adopter of the most efficient and greenest practices.

Outdated measures still used in the industry include running ‘chaser’ vehicles when delivering a car or commercial vehicle, or using a minibus-style drop-off and pick up for drivers.

Such practices are not efficient; research by Engineius has found that for every 10 miles of vehicle movement needed, using chaser vehicles or drop-offs actually mean that 24 miles are driven – more than doubling the driving miles and therefore the emissions.

Instead of this, Engineius focuses on taking inefficiencies out of its work. This means drivers use public transport where needed but the priority is on using joined-up jobs and return legs to ensure that return journeys are incorporated into day-to-day business as much as possible. This is thanks to its advanced platform, which automatically assign suppliers onward journeys to minimise unproductive miles.

Commercial director Calum Slowther said by matching movements and utilising public transport where necessary, Engineius significantly reduces emissions from its vehicle movement miles.

He added: “To date we have saved over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 and, as all fleets are tasked with  finding ways to reduce their emissions, this is a great place to start.”

Engineius also counters the standard industry practice for EVs to delivered on diesel transporters, which is completely at odds to the EV cause.

“The greenest option is to drive EVs, not transport them, and Engineius provides this service. The handover with an EV is essential too, and with approaching 4,000 EVs delivered by Engineius, our drivers are well trained in offering this service,” added Slowther.

The Engineius digital platform also removes the need for unnecessary paperwork and takes the whole process online, reducing administration and processing costs.

Slowther concluded: “Not using chaser vehicles, driving EVs for delivery and adopting an entirely digital process, all contribute to making vehicle movement greener. These are small, yet incredibly significant steps towards a greener environment, driven by technology and a genuine desire to promote a better tomorrow for tomorrow.”

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Natalie Middleton

Natalie has worked as a fleet journalist for nearly 20 years, previously as assistant editor on the former Company Car magazine before joining Fleet World in 2006. Prior to this, she worked on a range of B2B titles, including Insurance Age and Insurance Day. Natalie edits all the Fleet World websites and newsletters, and loves to hear about any latest industry news - or gossip.