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Chargemaster predicts half a million EVs on UK roads by 2020

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Chargemaster forecasts half a million EVs will be on UK roads and more than one million public charging sessions per year on its Polar network by 2020.

Chargemaster predicts one million charges to take place each year on its Polar network by 2020

Plans for Polar to expand with the provision of 25,000 charging points across the UK by the end of 2020, including several thousand rapid chargers, many of which will be 150kW units are already underway.

David Martell, chief executive of Chargemaster, said: “We expect to see a huge increase in the use of both the Polar network and the deployment of our UK-made Homecharge units.

“Over 42,000 EV drivers in the UK already use the Polar network, and we expect that figure to rise dramatically by 2020, when we predict there will be over 500,000 EVs on UK roads.”

However, most EV charging is still expected to take place at homes and the workplace, with around 11 million annual charging sessions on the company’s UK-made charging points.

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